The Universal ePub Myth

You may have heard that you can buy a standard, universal ePub of your titles at one low price.

As nice as it sounds, that is simply not true.

What keeps this myth from becoming reality? The increasingly wide range of eReader devices on the market. Each device has its own complex formatting requirements and capabilities.

Consider the following:

* Each type of eReader device varies in many ways, including its operating system, font and format support, network and connectivity

* Within the same category there are significant differences between eReader devices, like the Kindle vs. the Nook

* Each device continues to evolve. The current Kindle version will not have the same capabilities as the next, enhanced model

That's why you can't buy a standard, universal ePub of your titles at one low price. Anyone who tells you that you can, doesn't have your best interests at heart.

The bottom line is this: If you cut corners with your digital conversion, you will limit the number of devices on which your titles can be read, and thus the number of customers who can access those titles.

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