Digital Conversion

Midpoint's conversion services are offered through our partner codeMantra, a best-in-class provider.

CodeMantra separates eReader devices into three categories:

1. ePaper/eInk Devices: such as the Kindle or Nook
2. Mobile Devices: smartphones and smartbooks
3. x86 Chip Devices: PCs, Macs, and Net Books

Here is a partial list of the viable digital formatting options provided by codeMantra:

  • Kindle (PRC)
  • Sony Reader (ePub through Adobe Digital Editions and BBeB)
  • iPad & iPhone (Apple)
  • mobiPocket (for smart phones and mobile phones)
  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • PDF (image)
  • PDF (P.O.D)
  • PDF (streaming: ebrary library solution)
  • HTML (web browser applications)
  • Palm OS

If you prefer, Midpoint can manage the entire conversion process for you from start to finish. And even if you ultimately choose a third party conversion solution, Midpoint’s advice and knowledge will always be available to you.

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