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Q: Will eBooks cannibalize my physical sales?

A: Physical book sales are going to shrink whether you are involved with eBooks or not. The Institute for Publishing Research projects that the physical book market will decrease by 2% over the next five years while the eBook market will continue to grow.

The good news is that by repackaging your titles as eBooks they become available to new groups of readers.

Midpoint’s eBook titles are now active at 99% of the current accounts in the digital marketplace. There have been over 11,000 customer requests for titles distributed by Midpoint at the Kindle Bookstore alone!

The more places people can buy your book—in stores and online—the more opportunities you have to make a sale.


Q: Do eBooks expose my titles to piracy?

A: Piracy is a concern whenever intellectual property, like music, an eBook, or even a physical book, is disseminated. The music industry found that piracy develops in response to an unmet market.

The best way to prevent piracy of your titles is by making them legally available in digital format.

In addition, the digital marketplace has developed ways to mitigate the risk of piracy. Retailers apply digital management rights (DRM) technology to the books they sell to limit piracy. No DRM is perfect, but it does prevent casual piracy. Midpoint will help you weigh the risk of piracy against the potential profit from eBooks.


Q: Do I have to sell my eBooks for $9.99?

A: No. Midpoint will help you appropriately price your eBooks to meet your goals.

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