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The Ripple Effect from Rob Broder, Publisher

My wife and I started Ripple Grove Press to bring beautiful and timeless books to life.  But we also want to make a difference in the lives of children.  So we are teaming up with the Children’s Book Bank (CBB) in Portland, OR to start a book donation drive called “The Ripple Effect.” We want to put a book in every young child's hands.  The Children’s Book Bank makes that possible.

They reach low-income neighborhoods, where the ratio of books to children is one book for every 300 children, far below the ratio of 13 books per child in middle-income neighborhoods.  The Children's Book Bank closes this book gap by gathering tens of thousands of new and gently-used books from the community each year and engaging hundreds of volunteers to help clean, sort, and distribute the books to low-income children, free of charge.  Since 2008, The Children’s Book Bank has delivered over 510,000 books to over 41,000 local children in need, giving these kids tools to develop the language skills they need to become future readers, learners, and citizens.  We want this reach to go as far as possible.

For every Ripple Grove Press book bought and sent to us for CBB in the month of March, we'll match it, and for every dozen new or used books donated (not an RGP book) we’ll add a new RGP book.  Hardcover or softcover.  One book or 100.  We’ll find a new home for your books.

Please help us by sending children’s picture books to:

Ripple Grove Press
PO Box 86740
Portland, OR 97286
For more information on how to help and donate, please visit:
For more information on CBB visit

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