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Never, Never is Not the Classic Tale of Captain James Hook and Peter Pan


“Peter Pan. You’re a liar, and it’s time to grow up!”

Spencer Hill Press is excited to announce their new Young Adult novel, Never Never, published on September 22, 2015. In Brianna Shrum’s literary debut, Never Never, readers get a new perspective of what life truly is like in Neverland — and it isn’t all fairies and flying. For once, the classic tale of Hook and Pan is being flipped. Pan is no longer the lovable, carefree youth that every child envies. Never, Never will make you question what you really believed. This story isn’t about Peter Pan; it’s about the boy whose life he stole!

Captain James Hook was interviewed and he had a few words to say;

“Well, people grow up believing all sorts of things, don’t they? I am Captain James Hook: scourge of the seas, monster in the shadows, desperate, hater of children. Coward. Brigand. Pirate…Murderer…”

“But if you knew me, perhaps you would not think it wicked that my hook desires nothing greater than the blood of Peter Pan on its tip. If you knew me, you would not laugh at my fear of a crocodile. If you knew me…you would not call me a codfish.”

The world will soon know the truth between Neverland’s most fearsome pirate and the precious Peter Pan.


For more information a review copy or to schedule an interview with Brianna Shrum, please contact: Felicia Minerva, felicia(at)midpointtrade(dot)com or 212 727 0190.

Never, Never 
By: Brianna Shrum 
Paperback, 9781633920392 
EBook, 9781633920408 
Available now wherever books are sold! 

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