Always Looking Forward

In addition to expanding into new markets such as the Christian Marketplace and Digital Marketplace, we are constantly exploring new ways to serve our publishers and buyers better.

For example, our sell sheets are now live on our site so that you can access the most updated sales information on any Midpoint title whenever you want.

We have responded to shifts in the marketplace by developing a full color, internet-generated digital catalog, which features a complete list of our physical and eBook titles. Having a digital catalog rather than a traditional printed catalog means that publishers aren't limited by a catalog's seasonal printing schedule. The digital catalog can be updated at any time, allowing publishers to introduce new titles into the marketplace as soon as they are available.

We also continue to build new relationships with buyers that will improve and expand our sales opportunities. We have established a sales relationship with Indigo, the largest retail bookstore chain in Canada and Gardner's UK, the largest wholesaler of books in the United Kingdom.

Meeting the sales goals of our clients with innovation and integrity is how the Midpoint sales team continues to break new ground and consistently satisfy the needs of our customers.

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