Revealing the Truth

Publisher: Great River Books

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About Zheng Hui Shi of Los Angeles, California

After her graduation from law school, author Shi Zheng Hui made a complete turn around and entered monastic life in a Buddhist Temple in Taiwan.  In the year 2001, she was given a rare opportunity to live and study in America at the temple and home base of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The narrations in this book are all true stories that she saw, heard, experienced, and actually participated in during the twelve years spanning 2001 to 2013.  Studying at the home base, she was able to observe from a close distance, the Buddha and the True Buddha-dharma. At the same time, she encountered many people with the titles of venerable one, dharma king, rinpoche, and dharma master. To Shi Zheng Hui, many of these people seemed unworthy of their titles.   Reflecting deeply on her own doubts and falseness she was eventually able to discover her hidden obstructions. In 2013, she received an initiation of state practice and was transmitted the dharma of Xianliang Great Perfection.


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Revealing the Truth

Revealing the Truth

by Shi, Zheng Hui

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