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Midpoint Trade Books Begins Distributing New Holland UK


Midpoint Trade Books has signed a distribution deal with New Holland UK, a London-based independent publisher previously distributed by Sterling Publishing. New Holland is known for its high-quality gift, reference, and cook books.

This agreement is a further development of a previous distribution relationship established in July 2011 between Midpoint Trade and New Holland Australia. The expansion follows the U.S. success of such Australian books as Cooking with Quinoa: The Supergrain by Rena Patten and Blood Sugar: Inspiring Recipes For Anyone Facing the Challenge of Diabetes and Maintaining Good Health by celebrity chef Michael Moore.

Lead winter 2013 titles will include Blood Sugar: The Family, a continuation of the Michael Moore cookbook series, The Hot Book of Chillies by David Floyd, and 25 Foods Kids Hate . . . And How to Get Them Eating 24 by Fiona Faulkner.

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