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At Curtis Christine Press, we have two Award winning books that will give your family some quality family time.  It is our belief that this is our chance to give parents another way to connect with their children from an early age.   From the first time you share Mommy Loves Baby (won gold at the Benjamin Franklin Awards) and Silly Zoo Is All I Can Say (Creative Child Magazine 2016 Book of the Year) with your child, you will feel that bond grow each time you read the books.


Troy and Barb Muilenburg started Curtis Christine Press, to share creative ways that would bring families closer together through children’s books about animal families.  It was through their early experiences while playing and reading to their children that they recognized what was needed. It was not until they blended their families that they were able to share their experiences on how each parent used books to educate their children. Now together, they can make a difference in the world, by creating whimsical and playful books for children that combine beautiful artwork and illustrations with animal families that you too can pass down to your children. Their goal is to offer books that not only develop a bond between the parent and child, but that inspire a child’s imagination, and educate children in way that makes reading not only fun but informative.


Curtis Christine was established in the Midwest, with its home base in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

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