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Confessions of a Self-Help Writer

Confessions of a Self-Help Writer

by DeHaven, Benjamin

#1 Most Wished for on Indie Bound for over 10 weeks.  A funny, audacious, and devastating work of fiction loosely based on factual events. As much a comedy as a tragedy, “Confessions stands out to as a piece of unique literature that should be remembered for its originality as much as for its actual relevance as a mantra for living life in today’s harsh reality...

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What's On Tap

What's On Tap

by Monaco, Charlotte

Our culinary heritage is as colorful and intricate as an heirloom patchwork quilt. Based on the native bounty of land and seas, America's cooking has been enriched by ideas and tastes from around the world.  One taste that has been enjoyed as a beverage is now recognized as a fine ingredient for cooking is beer...

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