Pour Me Some Wine

Publisher: Changing Lives Press

Over the years, we found ourselves going from college-age gals drinking Boones Farm to women with jobs splurging on labels we thought were oh-so-classy, such as Kendall Jackson.  Swiftly, our knowledge grew even more and we matured into women who attended dinner parties instead of just clubs â" or even better: wine bars.  Napa quickly surpassed spring break in Cancun, and before we knew itâ¦we were settling downâ¦having babies and raising a family.  Dinner parties and wine tastings?  Whaaa? We were lucky if we had time to shower.  Wine who?  But, as we often do as mothers â" we persevered.  As the kids grew, we found, and even required, more time for ourselves.  Becoming a mom didnât mean we had to give up everything we knew; it just meant we had to get more creative after a day of âmommy thisâ and someone constantly pulling on our leg or needing our attention.  Rather than attending lavish events where wine was served and we had no bedtime; we grabbed a bottle of red or white depending on the mood or stresses of the day.  Some days required a nice, sweet white for celebration â" say after naptimes proved successful for the third day in a row.  Or, the days that definitely warranted a smooth, bolder red (#epicfail)â"accompanied by a cozy blanket and Netflix.  Whether itâs to celebrate or to unwind; wine certainly has not lost its purpose in our lives. 

We are mommoisseurs. (Mommoisseurs: wine enthusiasts who happen to be fabulous moms).  And we invite you to become mommoisseurs with us! 

Pour Me Some Wine reveals how you, too, can be a mommoisseur. The book will also take you through the emotional journey of the modern mom while offering clever suggestions of the perfect wine to pair with each specific mood we all encounter on a daily basis. The easy-to-read chapters are convenient for the busy mom. Read from the beginning or start at a chapter you are identifying with at any particular moment. Feeling overwhelmed? Then chapter 3 is for you! Is your husband driving you crazy, go straight to chapter 7. No matter the mood, youâll find a story that you can relate toâ"driving home the beauty that youâre not alone in this crazy world of motherhood!

Make wine the event and pamper yourself, mama!  Try a few of the wines we suggest or brands of your own choosing while finding comfort in the stories offered from other moms whoâve been right where you are now.  We donât have to stop being first-class wine lovers just because we had babies.

Pair this book with a bottle of your favorite wine for the perfect gift for your best girlfriends, sisters, co-workers; for the countless baby showers youâll no doubt attendâ¦or for the mom who really deserves it: you!

Ladies, itâs the not-so-new, yet hip, era for us wine lovers, moms. Join our club; we welcome you, future Mommoisseurs!

About Katrina Epp

Author, and blogger Katrina (Trina) Epp, raised in Ellensburg, Washington, began her career in sales working with a large international hay export company. This led to Trina starting her own company marketing and selling hay internationally to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Eager for a new challenge, Trina moved to Oklahoma where she began a new career as a commercial lines insurance agent. Four years later, she moved to Western Colorado, acquiring a position at a large commercial insurance agency. For the last nine years,she has juggled a full-time career and being mommy to her seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old son. She has been published in various publications about parenting and family life, includingCentral Penn Parent magazine on the Penn State rape scandal, and Divine Caroline magazine for her article, “The Seven-Year Itch,” as well as in the YummyMummyClub for her article on the “Uh-Oh Box.” Katrina also blogs about healthy eating, parenting,and family life at

About Leah Speer

Leah Speer is a parenting blogger at BabyCenter®, the #1 pregnancy and parenting web destination worldwide, which reaches 14 million moms in the United States every month. She is the mother of two sons, ages four and five. She has always had a passion for writing, inspired by her mom, a RITA Award nominated author who has found success in the publishing world as well. Leah has been published in various publications on families and parenting including an op-ed piece in the New York Post on the Sandy Hook tragedy and an article about families and Christmas time in The Baltimore Sun.  Along with Katrina, she is a co-blogger at www.must-have-wine.com. Leah resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with her sons, husband, and faithful dog.


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