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by Weekes, Carol

Witty, charming, handsome and a skilled conversationalist, Alison Mornay’s ex-husband is also a biology prof at Ottawa U. His specialty is a rare breed of frog found primarily on the east coast of Colombia. His colleagues and students love him; one of them even married him...

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ABOUT Atomic Fez Publishing

Founded in May 2009 and formally launched in 2010 at the UK-hosted World Horror Convention, Atomic Fez Publishing is the Canadian press that provides hard-to-categorize but eminently readable fiction, including horror, humour, fantasy and noir, with an occasional dash of erotica.

Atomic Fez and its authors are dedicated to the creation of genre-busting, new edge fiction, and to the concept of the book as entertainment.

Slipstream, steam-punk, hard-boiled, horror, pulp, noir, mash-up… call it what you will. Atomic Fez publishes books the same way that Terry Gilliam directs films: with a healthy respect for readers’ capacity to use their imagination. 

Atomic Fez fiction is for you.

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