Seeing the Bible Differently

How 'A Course in Miracles' Views the Bible

The modern spiritual teaching and path, "A Course in Miracles," contains hundreds of reference to the Bible, and both the New Testament and the Course claim to present Jesus' teachings. There is an obvious and important relationship between the Course and the Bible, and how the two relate is a natural question. "Seeing the Bible Differently" answers the question. Drawing on the Course's attitude toward the Bible, this book recognizes both the many similarities between the two and also the significant differences. Watson presents a picture, emphasizing the continuity of God's message in the two books, while seeing the Course as a later, clearer presentation of truth, superceding the Bible in some ways while standing clearly in its lineage. The idea of "progressive revelation" that Watson presents will help the reader evaluate the teachings of the Bible, enrich their understanding of the Course with knowledge of the Bible, and integrate the truths they find in the Bible into their unders

Allen Watson Allen is a writer and teacher of A Course in Miracles and currently works with Course students in Portland, Oregon. He has written a number of books and booklets on the Course, including A Healed Mind Does Not Plan, Seeing the Bible Differently, the Workbook Companion series on the Internet and in book form, as well as co-author of Let Me Remember You. Before joining the Circle of Atonement for several years, he published Miracle Thoughts newsletter and led Course study groups in New Jersey.

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