My Pregnancy and Baby

Your Guide to a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy and the Care of a Baby Up to Three Years of Age

My Pregnancy and Baby is an accessible, up-to-the minute sourcebook of everything that makes pregnancy and caring for a baby up to the age of 3 an enjoyable and healthy experience. It aims to build on a woman’s best instincts with the help of obstetrical and pediatric expert advice, extensive "to do" and check lists, and summary "if nothing else" boxes.

In My Pregnancy, a woman is encouraged to make the right decisions about nutrition and exercise, maintain general health, and manage her changing relationship with her partner. A unique "lift-up-and-look" pregnancy calendar enables her to keep track of her developing baby. Extensive information on prenatal tests, pregnancy complications, and medical emergencies is also included.

My Baby encourages new mothers to manage the all-important aspects of daily child care, with separate sections on newborns, older babies, and toddlers. There is also coverage of medical complaints and problems, first aid, and the normal course of development.

Keith Eddleman Keith Eddleman, MD, is the Director of Obstetrics and a senior member of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. In addition to Maternal-Fetal Medicine, he is also board certified in Clinical Genetics. His areas of special interest are reproductive genetics, ultrasound, and diagnostic procedures. As a professor in the Department of OBGYN, he teaches students, residents, and fellows. He also co-authored the books Pregnancy for Dummies and Your Second Pregnancy with Dr. Joanne Stone.

Joanne Stone Dr. Joanne Stone took over as the Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship Director in 2006. Dr. Stone completed her residency and fellowship at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and stayed on as full time faculty. Currently, she is also the Director of Perinatal Ultrasound and Division Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine. She has a busy consultative and clinical practice, as well as being active in teaching and research. Her areas of interest include ultrasound, fetal therapy, multifetal pregnancy.

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