A Thriller

In the Bering Sea, Bennkah, the largest oil tanker ever built, newly commissioned in Vladivostock, Russia, is on a secret mission. On this maiden voyage, Captain Borodin is at the helm. He is the only one aboard aware of the mission.

Soon an engineer discovers a defect—seemingly minor, but one with disastrous potential. Despite his attempts to correct the problem, a fire erupts, contained at first, then rapidly spreads out of control, consuming the behemoth ship.

A Mayday call alerts Sonny Wade some two hundred miles from the burning ship. This could be the lifeline that Sonny and his rag-tag crew need to save their failing salvage business. But Dan Sharp, Sonny’s nemesis and former employer—the owner of the largest salvage business in northern Alaska—also hears the call. A brutal race is on to claim the burning ship before it sinks or runs aground, contaminating the entire north Pacific Rim—and not only with oil.

Shawn Corridan of Merritt Island, FL

Shawn Corridan grew up in the shadow of Florida’s Cape Kennedy, his father a NASA engineer. A high school football star as well as a surfer, he attended the University of Hawaii where he could be both. After graduation, he traveled the globe, sailed the Caribbean, was rescued by the Coast Guard twice, wrote market research reports for Wall Street, and worked in pharmaceutical sales. Shawn coauthored Goliath with his friend Gary Waid. Corridan lives in Merritt Island, Florida, with his wife Julie.

Gary Waid

Born a Navy brat in San Diego, Gary Waid has done almost everything there is to do in the water, from fishing to operating tugboats to repairing yachts. He has also been a roofer, a carpenter, a musician, a tractor-trailer driver, a writer for magazines—as well as a guest in the federal prison system. When he reunited with his friend Shawn Corridan, they coauthored Goliath. Waid lives in Florida on a sailboat with his wife Patty and their two dogs.

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