Naughty Nathan's Notebook Fully Bully

Story & Activity Book
This series narrates the experiences ofNaughty Nathan, a bright and mischievousboy. The series deals with tricky issues likelying to parents and teachers, bullying,cheating and having good manners. Thekids will understand the importance ofvalues and manners and learn to handledifficult situations in life.

Gautam Mehta

Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter finds the secret hideout of the infamous and ruthless gang of forty thieves. He enters their secret hideout and carries away a small portion of the treasure. The chief of the thieves is not amused when he finds out that the secret of their hideout has been exposed. He is determined to find the intruder and kill him. Will Ali Baba succeed in escaping the fury of the ruthless thieves?

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