The Cook's Dictionary Guide

The Ultimate Reference Tool for Chefs and Home Cooks with Over 3500 Entries of Basic Ingredients, Utensils & Techniques

The Cook’s Dictionary Guide is the ideal reference tool for anyone with a healthy interest in food.  It is the ultimate reference tool for professionals and aspiring chefs alike and explains, in simple terms, the methods, tools and ingredients needed  to make every meal special.

Containing over 3500 entries it covers a range of subjects including:

• Basic foodstuffs

• Preparation and storage tips

• Cooking techniques

• Well-known international dishes and food

• Cooking utensils

• Macrobiotic terms

• A variety of beverages

Each entry includes the country of origin as well as detailed description of the item. Ingredients are listed with recommended uses and cooking methods as well as cross references to similar items.

Denise Greig

Denise Greig is a prolific author and has written an extensive amount of books on a variety of topics. She is also well known for her botanical books such as Ornamental Foliage Plants and Flowering Natives for the Home Garden. She has also written a range of other titles such as Traditional Weddings, Cooking with Herbs, and Book of Mint.  


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