The Art of Feminine Spiritual Leadership

Be a Badass Priest and Create a Ministry You Love

Do you feel like you spend more time being a professional “fixer” than a spiritual leader? Are you struggling to rekindle the joy in your ministry? Do you feel called to “do things differently,” but are not sure what that means? Do you desire to step into your power, claim your strengths, and stop apologizing for having something world-changing to say?

You went into ministry because of your passion for God and the world, but you’ve seen the dark underbelly of the church and now are not sure you have the stomach for it. Yet, if you leave, you know it will never change.

You have been called for exactly this moment. Just as the church is undergoing a great shift, so are you—it’s time to become the leader you were born to be. 

In The Art of Feminine Spiritual Leadership, you will learn tools for:

If you are ready to become the minister you are called to be, this is a must-read! 

The Rev. Dr. Sara Shisler Goff

The Rev. Dr. Sara Shisler Goff is an Episcopal priest who received her MDiv and STM from Yale Divinity School and her Doctor of Ministry from Episcopal Divinity School. She has trained with both Brene´Brown and Regena Thomashauer. She lives on Maui with her wife, Heather. 

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