An Unwitting Assassin

The Story of My Father's Attempted Assassination of Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd

9 April 1960 was the day that changed Susie Cazenove’s life – the day her father, David Pratt, shot the Prime Minister of South Africa, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. Verwoerd, commonly known as the architect of apartheid, didn’t die, but Pratt’s family lived with the legacy of his action.Caezenove has put pen to paper to describe the extraordinary events of that day and its consequences. Part family memoir, part ode to the settlement of Johannesburg, Cazenove skilfully weaves her family history and the mood in South Africa in the 1950s and 60s as a background to what may have led her father, a farmer and gentle man, to commit a treasonous act.

Susie Cazenove

Suzie Cazenove  was born and brought up in South Africa before moving to the United Kingdom with her English husband. A successful safari tour operator specialising in trips to South Africa and Africa, Cazenove is also the author of Legendary Safari GuidesAn Unwitting Assassin is her most personal book to date.

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