Ethan Learns How to Tame the Money Monster

New book series teaches kids “How to Tame the Money Monster”.

If you had learned how to better manage money when you were a kid, how would your life be different?
Do you worry that you will need to financially support your kids long after they’re grown?

Start your kids off right—learning how to earn, save, invest, and spend money.

Award-winning financial advisor Judith McNiff combines her passion for teaching and her knowledge of money management in her new book, “Ethan Learns How To Tame The Money Monster” Read each book with your child and together you’ll explore how to…

•Encourage saving
•Prevent impulse buying
•Inspire philanthropy

In book 1, follow Ethan as he loses a precious toy and needs to find a way to pay for the replacement. His mom teaches Ethan responsibility in a few easy steps, and together, they keep the dreaded Money Monster away!

Judith McNiff For the last 25+ years, Judy has turned personal challenges and triumphs into her platform of helping others navigate through financial land mines to financial independence. Judy’s love of teaching others how to manage their money has evolved into helping children do the same. In her book “Ethan Learns How To Tame The Money Monster” she teaches personal and financial responsibility using stories.

Judy McNiff is a financial advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. She is the recipient of multiply industry awards for her work and has been featured on local and national radio and television in addition to print media.

She has been honored with the “Woman Of The Year” award from the National Association of Professional Women, and is a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association. Judy can also be found in the Worldwide Who’s Who directory of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

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