The Zero Dollar Car

How the Revolution in Big Data will Change Your Life

We're all sharing data about ourselves every single day -- in our cars, in our homes, and when we're reading about stuff on the Internet. Who's making the money out of this, and why shouldn't it be you? And what about the right to be forgotten? The author asks these questions as he describes his life at the intersection of cars and data.

John Ellis


John Ellis is the managing director of Ellis & Associates, the management consulting firm that serves clients in the world where automotive, consumer, connectivity, and software intersect. Until recently, he was Global Technologist and Head of the Ford Developer Program with Ford Motor Company. Under his leadership, John’s team delivered a number of automotive industry firsts including SmartDeviceLink, the open source version of Ford’s award-winning AppLink technology that connected devices to vehicles. Before joining Ford, John held key leadership positions at Motorola, where he helped to develop, market, and sell Motorola’s mobile software and services, their software developer ecosystem, and industry-leading Open Source Software program. John speaks around the world on software security and the new business models in the connected world. For speeches, panels, and keynotes, he is represented by Big Speak.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Author talks to the Wall Street Journal :
  • New York Post op-ed:
  • John Ellis featured on American Public Media - Marketplace (national podcast)
  • Oct 22 – 23 in Orlando: Opening keynote at the Equipment Finance Leasing Association.
  • Oct 31- Nov 3 Las Vegas: Panel at SEMA (world’s largest car show) – speaking on data as it affects automotive technology, vehicle repair, vehicle data, and after-market autonomy.
  • Oct 31 in Las Vegas: Panel at Society of Collision Repair Specialists Conference (SCRS) – adjacent to SEMA