Loving the Process to Wholeness

After spending six years under one of the greatest coaches of all time, Pete Carroll, I realized so much of his coaching philosophy regarding grit, mindfulness, and process-based thinking could be traced back to scripture.  Becoming will teach you how to have a process-based approach to your life. You will learn how to identify the false fathers you have looked to for significance, and by doing so, become more resilient to setbacks, have your identity firmly rooted, and learn to walk in courage for the rest of your life. These are the cornerstones to healthy self esteem.

Clint Gresham

Clint Gresham is a speaker, author, mentor, and lifelong YoungLifer.  After spending six years as an NFL long snapper (playing for the Seattle Seahawks and participating in two Super Bowl games), Clint now helps people all across the country to love their journey to wholeness.  He is passionate about life-on-life discipleship, community, and helping people discover why Jesus thought they were worth dying for.  Clint and his wife Matti live in Dallas, Texas with their German shorthair pointer, Bear.

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  • 115,000 followers across all social media platforms while using the third ranked Facebook advertiser in the world.
  • 15 church book tour surrounding book launch--Fall and Winter of 2017
  • In contact with around 150 influential people who each have at least 2,000 followers on their social media--totaling 300K.