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Walking In Deep Friendship with God

Building deep friendship with God starts with shifting our perceptions of who God says He is and who He says we are - the journey of sonship. For too long those of us who call ourselves Christians have grown numb to the truth that we are heirs to an eternal Kingdom. It is time to awaken and build a friendship with the one who has loved us since before we were ever born. It is time to truly know our Father, the King.

Chad Norris of Greenville, SC

Chad Norris is the Lead Pastor of Bridgeway Church in Greenville, SC. Chad has traveled for years bringing to the church a message of Father’s love and the simple truth that we have the ability to build deep friendship with God. Chad’s passion is to know Father and to introduce others to the concept that He is kind and good and desires to be connected to His kids. Father wants His family back. Chad brings a humor and vulnerability to messages that reflect his own intimacy with Father and his love of the Word. Bridgeway Church is a family that honors the Word of God and the power of Holy Spirit.

Chad and his wife Wendy are Bulldogs, both graduates of the University of Georgia. Chad also has a Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School and is currently working toward a Doctorate at Regent University. Chad and Wendy have three children and are passionate to create a culture of discipleship that begins in their own home and extends to everything they do.

Chad has authored several books, including Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher, the story of his own journey of discovering the Father’s love, learning to operate in the spiritual gifts and seeing demonstrations of Father’s works, while training others to do the same.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Chad Norris is leading an emerging network of churches, expanding his reach to multiple congregations
  • There is an online portal of content and resources including a podcast and video mini series to expand on some of the content that did not make it into the book
  • Increased speaking engagements in 2018
  • Social media campaigns focusing on the movement that is growing around the core principles in this book