The Power to Lead

Lessons in Creating Your Unique Masterpiece
Do you have the power to lead? The Power to Lead: Lessons in Creating Your Unique Masterpiece will provide you with many helpful ideas for unlocking the leadership potential that resides within each of us. This is an incredibly practical, yet also inspiring book which uses the metaphor of painting to guide you through a powerful journey to become the best leader that you can be, by painting your own unique, personal masterpiece. The Power to Lead is the work of Gregg Thompson, author, coach, leadership expert and CEO of Bluepoint Leadership and Bruna Martinuzzi, Founder and President of Clarion Enterprises, an organization specializing in leadership. Gregg and Bruna are two of the pioneering minds in the modern art and science of leadership development and this book draws upon the best body of research on motivation, personality theory, psychology and emotional intelligence.

Gregg Thompson Gregg Thompson is President of Bluepoint Leadership Development. He has extensive experience as a business leader, operations manager, executive coach, trainer and management consultant. He holds a Master of Organizational Development degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.Susanne Biro is the Director of Coaching at Bluepoint Leadership Development. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Bruna Martinuzzi

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