Delivering Powerful Speeches

A step-by-step guide for acquiring confident speaking skills, Delivering Powerful Speeches provides the key to delivering a dazzling speech everytime. Readers will learn the techniques to express their ideas with authority, develop leadership and communicate with charisma. Filled with easy steps, charts and exercises to achieve speaking success, this book will eliminate the barriers that inhibit self-expression. The six parts of this book will lead readers to deliver powerful speeches, boost confidence, and it cofers all aspects of public speaking—from a speech at a family function to a professional event.

Carolyn Stein Carolyn Kerner Stein is an international speaker and trainer. She has presented her workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, India and New Zealand.Because of her extensive background in communication strategies and image development, she brings a unique dimension to her workshops. Carolyn was appointed as a media image advisor for the past five Republican National Conventions.Carolyn is an adjunct faculty member of Miami Dade Community College and author of "Taking Your Potential to Power," "Passport To The Podium," and "Passport To International Business Travel."

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