Whitewater Cooks More Beautiful Food

This long awaited fifth book in the bestselling Whitewater Cooks series is full of new recipes to inspire fans and delight newcomers to these fabulous cookbooks. Shelley's innate flair for creating and developing recipes have made her famous for turning home cooks into culinary rock stars.

Shelley Adams

Shelley is the chef and driving force behind the best selling Whitewatercooks series. She is pasionate about creating easy to follow delicious recipes from fresh ingredients and about sharing her love of food with others. Shelley is a force of nature who thrives on non-stop activity and on creating amazing meals for friends and family.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Promoted on www.whitewatercooks.com
  • Promoted on other associated web sites
  • Social media campaign to drive people to the web sites
  • Book signings in Nelson, Vancouver, Kelowna
  • Ads in cataloques and magazines
  • Pitch to CBC National Radio and Global TV