Things I Can't Take Back and Can't Do Over

Overcoming What's Overcoming You

Quitting is not an option… No matter what cards life may have dealt you (or how badly you may have played your hand), you can never fail or fall so far that God cannot reach you. But to heal from your past, you first have to face it. In this gritty, honest, sometimes humorous account, Michael shares the inside scoop on how he battled and beat: Drug addiction, Loss of a child, Business collapse, Gambling addiction Alcohol abuse, Teenage pregnancy, and Life-threatening illnesses.  Exposed invites you into Michael Dean’s life.

Michael Dean Chadwick of Raleigh, NC

Michael Dean Chadwick is a nationally known speaker who is known for his relevant, motivational, humorous and inspirational approach as he speaks to all age groups in various venues throughout the US. The power of his personal testimony has impacted thousands of high school students and athletes, business professionals, and radio audiences across the country.

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