Your Ultimate Relationship Awaits

If you’ve been to church more than a few times, you’ve heard that we’re supposed to have a “personal relationship” with God. But is that really possible?  How does that work? Remember your first romance – the expectation, anticipation, the thrill? Soulmate will take you on that journey but this time with One who is a consummate, lover and friend. 

In a style that is authentic, relatable and real, Dexter Sanders will help you satisfy that longing in your soul for a deep and satisfying relationship with your ultimate soulmate, the creator and lover of your soul!

Dexter Sanders

Evangelist, author, educator and international speaker
Dexter Sanders has a unique gift for sharing the
love of Christ, which has resulted in thousands across
the country and abroad receiving Jesus as their Lord
and Savior.

Dexter travels the globe sharing the good
news through church events, festivals, concerts and
community outreaches. In addition, Dexter is a gifted
character education speaker for middle and high
schools across the nation, sharing a message of values
along with suicide and bullying prevention.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Multi-city Florida tour for "Back to God" Movement
  • Amazon Pre-release Promotion
  • Pastor Dexter Sanders will have endorsements for his upcoming book, Soul Mate
  • Active Social Media Coverage