Life Stories

Healing and Hope in the Wake of Loss

Think back to the last time you stepped into a funeral home. Listen to the sniffling, which sometimes breaks into low heaves and sobs, and the quiet shuffling of feet across the floor. Feel the roughness of the tissues against your already tender nose and the wetness of tears and the ache in your soul as you embrace those who share in your loss. Remember how you tried to answer the question that may still haunt you today: Why didn't God . . . ?

Ted Hopkins Ted Hopkins just celebrated his 25th anniversary with his wife April Wilkerson Hopkins. They have three daughters, Louisa Lovie, Amelia Howett and Bess Alexander. The family lives in Reidsville, NC. Ted's walk with God fuels his love for family and friends. His passion is to help people discover the Kingdom of God and the life it gives.

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