Violet's Vision

Violet is the Guardian Angel of Vision. She has been living with regret and humiliation for eons, hiding out in the Celestial Library dusting books. In the past, she kept visions bright and shiny for people on earth to claim, but life on earth deteriorated over time into chaos and frenzy. There were so many unfulfilled visions that Violet couldn't keep up with her polishing. People forgot who they were divinely designed to be. She had given up. One day Master Guardian Angel called her forth for a mission on earth. It was a fresh opportunity for Violet to fulfill her purpose. After several unsuccessful attempts to accomplish her mission, Violet found the key and the courage to follow through. Instead of continuing to focus on doing polishing, she shifted her attention to being the Guardian Angel of Vision. Her transformational shift was the catalyst for healing on earth and the successful fulfillment of her mission. The heavenly hosts rejoiced and she received the blessing of a glorious

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