Autism, Adolescence, and Adulthood

Finding the Path to Independence
Raising teenage children can be challenging for any parent. The most exciting moments are intertwined with huge mental, emotional, and physical changes that can make life quite complex. And the challenge of loving and living with an adolescent, teen, or adult with special needs poses a unique set of those challenges. This easy-to-read guide-book is designed to give parents and caregivers of teenage autistic youth hope and a wealth of sound, usable information and insights that will help them guide their children to adequate adult independence. It will also help them find the motivation, dedication, and persistence they need along the journey.

Bobbi Barber

Co-founder and chief operating officer of Applied Behavior Center in Oviedo, FL, Bobbi Barber has over a decade of experience dedicated to serving children, adolescence, and adults with autism and related developmental disabilities. With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Behavior Analyst Board Certification, Bobbi has a unique set of skills and the hands-on experience that enable her to have the passion, desire, and creativity to equip parents and caregivers for a hopeful future.

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