The Expanse of all Things

In the spirit of coyote guidance through the borderland of liminal space, James Scott Smith is offering one exquisite cairn after another to the soul wandering but not lost. The Expanse of All Things is a testament of the journey from form to faith, and of the love for tradition as long as it serves the evolution of consciousness. This collection runs the seam between culture and nature with an aching hunger for experience transformed.

James Scott Smith of Colorado Springs, CO

Over the course of his life, James Scott Smith has lived in Michigan, Massachusetts, Kansas, California and for the last 23 years, Colorado. He studied psychology and religion while beginning his work as a psychotherapist, a wilderness guide, and a spiritual leader. He went on to create and lead a system of learning organizations designed to deliver holistic, experiential intervention in traditional and alternative settings. Breaking from his formal career in 2006, James enjoys his family and home life, the Colorado backcountry, his dogs, photography, and writing.

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