Camping and Tramping in Malaya

Fifteen Years' in the Native States of the Malay Peninsula
Camping & Tramping in Malaya was first published in 1898, and is a lively and entertaining account of the author'a travels in the Malay Peninsula, with fascinating insights into the colonial personalities and working conditions of the day. An urge to find his own nirvana in the hills for planting Arabica coffee evidently drove Rathborne's initial years in Malaya, and his chief legacy is his role in surveying for the alignments of the first long-distance roads in Malaysia

Ambrose B. B. Rathborne Ambrose Rathborne was an Australian mining engineer who moved first to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) as a coffee planter, and then in the 1880s to the Malay States, where he worked as a planter and entrepreneur

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