The Spiritual Direction of St. Claude De La Colombiere

As a spiritual director Saint Claude, canonized by Pope John Paul II, ranks among the masters of the spiritual life. He gave guidance to countless souls, including Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, the seventeenth-century French visionary who received the Sacred Heart revelations. In prayer she heard Jesus say of Father Claude that his "talent is to lead souls to God".

Saint Claude was a clever psychologist who easily read the hearts of others. His sure judgment, aided by grace, enabled him to understand the difficulties of people and to give them sound advice.  Readers of this spiritual gem, which contains excerpts from his notes, letters, and retreats, will find it full of practical wisdom on confession, Mass and Communion, confidence in God, peace of soul, love of neighbor, and much more.

Claude de la Colombière

Claude de la Colombière, S.J., (1641–1682) was a French Jesuit priest, an esteemed preacher, and a revered spiritual director.

Marketing & Publicity
  • A renowned spiritual director, writer, preacher and saint presents deeply inspiring insights on many important aspects of holiness and the spiritual life.
  • Full of practical advice and insights from the saint’s many years of pastoral work with countless souls.
  • Very readable, short meditations on prayer, devotion, the sacraments and various virtues.