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The New Paradigm For Women
Listening With Heart 360:The New Paradigm For Women introduces two authors who get it! Instead of inundating women with statistics and yet another strategy of how to cope with life's imbalances, Elizabeth Diane and Andrew Marshall address the root cause, not the symptom. And the root cause of imbalance experienced by girls and women alike is called programming. The book not only introduces the ahead of the curve concept called programming but also an innovative relationship tool called The Situation Wheel designed to help women improve upon any relationship in which she maybe struggling. With revolutionary insight into the "de-programming" process, authors Elizabeth Diane and Andrew Marshall trigger new angles of thinking for girls and women. Whether it is in their attitudes toward their bodies or in relationships; this book can help women find their own authentic lives. A wonderful Mother/Daughter gift can be found between the covers of this innovative book. Listening With Heart 360 i

Elizabeth Diane Elizabeth Diane and Andrew Marshall are co-founders of the international organization Listening With Heart 360, designed to be a signpost to all girls and women. Listening With Heart 360's innovative concepts of Programming, and the relationship tool The Situation Wheel, have Elizabeth Diane and Andrew Marshall set to be the next visionary voices for girls and women worldwide.

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