This beautifully designed gift book with material spine is designed to include the basic ingredients and recipes we all love and enjoy to inspiring ideas with core ingredients.

Baking cupcakes and muffins is both a pleasurable and rewarding experience, not just  for the home cook but also for the family and friends who gather to enjoy the fruits of the labor.  

So quick and delicious they can be made when friends drop in or just on a whim on a lazy afternoon. 

Various cupcakes to choose from

Vanilla,  Chocolate,  Coffee,  Fruit,  Citrus,  Novelty

and a section on Muffins

Denise Gere

Denise Gere was born and raised in Ireland, where she was taught to cook at a young age by her mum.

She soon became hooked on baking when she was expecting her first baby, and soon was having many afternoon tea partys serving her cupcakes.

Now a mother of two boys, Denise is still baking, but also has a full time commitment in the publishing industry.

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