War on the Prairie

In August of 1862, the United States was bitterly fighting a dreadful war to rid the country of slavery. At the same time, new states in the Midwest and west struggled with the tensions between settlers and Native Americans. In Minnesota, the Dakota were pushed beyond human endurance. Starving and without any hope of help, they lashed out. Hundreds of settlers were caught in the middle. This book tells the story of two young girls trying to survive as war engulfs the prairie. Margaret is a German settler, her friend is Winona, a Dakota girl. Will their teamwork help them reach safety before it’s too late?

Carrie Ehlert Newman of St. Paul, MN Carrie spends a great deal of her time with history. When she isn't researching possible books or writing, she busies herself teaching history to middle schoolers at Murray Junior High in Saint Paul. She also enjoys reading, gardening creatively, and chasing her two sons, Joseph and Jonathan, around the house.

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