The Luna Moonies

The Luna Moonies were founded by a Toy inventor of 25 years Edward Zammit. Edward has toys and games selling in the USA. Edward wrote and published some children’s books called the Luna Moonies which are Celestial characters that live in a Mystical world on the moon.

Edward didn’t just stop at publishing books, he formed a company “Fun Group Pty Ltd”, A Band was formed, songs written, a CD produced and now The Luna Moonies are here.

The Luna Moonies are colorful characters from the Moon, that love to sing and dance accompanied by Astronaut Annie and Comet who entertain with live music and songs for kids of all ages.

Edward Zammit

The Luna Moonies is a five-member band. This new "rising star", kids singing group is the brain child of Edward Zammit who started his career as a carpenter.

This skill then evolved into making toys, inventing games and then writing children's stories to bring those toys to life. The Luna Moonies band are his latest creation and they are  appearing and performing to crowds as big as 12,000, happy, dancing, laughing children with parents in tow.

And with over 6 books and 8 songs recorded to their name, they are the next "rising stars" in the kids music industry. Move over "Wiggles" another 'fun' group is heading for the music charts.

The band, whose music is aimed at children, consists of five characters named Silver Moon, Strawberry Moon, Blue Moon, Full Moon and Mystic Moon. 

Marketing & Publicity
  • Already produced and recorded eight songs to date
  • Already been pegged to be the next Hi-5
  • They have 2 new children’s videos coming out with Twinkle little star and Hey diddle diddle
  • TV Show in the works
  • check out the Luna Moonies website -