Set Yourself Free

Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live!
  1. More than two thousand years ago a great master instructed the masses on simple techniques to live lives of passion, joy, and vibrancy. His pragmatic approach is as viable today as it was then; and by incorporating his methods, you have the power to live the exalted life for which you were designed.

    Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live provides an outline of these dynamic teachings. In this book, Jesus is used as a prototype for each person and his trials and tribulations are symbolic of yours. By learning through his example, we save time, effort, and frustration and move to enlightenment with ease and grace. There are numerous examples given of individuals who have overcome major challenges and obstacles to live dynamically and express the fullness of their divine potential. By following these teachings, you can do the same. 

Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live encapsulates the ultimate Hero’s Journey which is to go within the self. A must read for anyone who wants to live an authentic life in the Light of the higher SELF. Jean masterfully weaves the stories of many enlightened souls and combines spiritual psychology to bring to awareness the true messages, which were meant to guide us to enlightenment. It is the ultimate journey in surrender, love, and healing.  ~ Elizabeth Fuchs, JOYZEN, Creating Emotionally Resilient Communities

 I loved how Jean Walters shared her experience and evolution of the recognition of the Light. Jean has great clarity in her metaphysical reflections of spiritual symbolism. This inspires me to look beyond for the truth that always sets us free in everything, always recognizing our loving universe’s support. I also loved the mention of the Universal laws being our servants. These writings are an essential part of humanity’s evolution for higher understanding in living in harmony with all of creation! Thank you for sharing your living gifts of truth. ~ Natalie Rose O, Devotee of Love and Light

I absolutely loved your book. The stories about people who struggled and overcame difficulties are inspiriting. I especially enjoyed reading the moving account of Mother Theresa’s life. Everyone should read your book and find the light in himself.  If everyone did, the world would be a much better place. ~ Pat Adams, Business Concierge

Jean gives voice to the feelings, thoughts, and questions I have had, therefore allowing me to understand intellectually what I’ve known intuitively. Her teachings are invaluable as I work with my clients to help them move from stuck to their true potential, both personally and financially. This book will spur the reader into action with a new way to see the invisible (or intangible) and proceed thoughtfully through life. Jean takes metaphysics and a wide array of holy books and teachings, which can be confusing to most, and explains them in terms that inspire and motivate people to action. ~ Amy Baue,

If you are ready for a journey to your True Self, Set Yourself Free: Live the Life YOU Were Meant to Live will give you the foundational building blocks to let go of your fears and claim the freedom of your True Identity. With Jesus as your prototype, you are given the tools to your God Power within. A must read for those on the path of enlightenment. ~ Gloria Boysal, Intuitive Coach

Set Yourself Free holds healing messages for you. It will speak to your soul and teach you all about love. ~ Karen S Hoffman, Founder of G2D - Gateway to Dreams 

Jean Walters

Jean Walters is a Saint Louis based teacher of self-empowerment principles for over thirty years.  She has studied metaphysics extensively and applies universal principles to every area of her life.

Walters has written weekly and monthly columns for major Saint Louis newspapers and publications and been published as a free-lance author all over the United States.  Besides Set Yourself Free: Live the life YOU Were Meant to Live, she has written, Be Outrageous: Do the Impossible – Others have; You can too, and Dreams and the Symbology of Life.  

Her radio show, Positive Moments, was syndicated on 110 stations across the nation and she has been a featured guest on many radio and television shows, even being referred to as The Dream Lady on several stations.  This is in lieu of her ability to interpret listeners’ dreams over the air.

Walters has designed and presented classes and workshops in empowerment, meditation, building communication skills, universal laws, dreams interpretation, strengthening intuition, and creating spiritual connection for many organizations, colleges, universities, spiritual groups, and businesses around the Midwest.  She continues to offer her services to empower others. 

From her office in Saint Louis, Missouri, she works with people around the world as a Transformational Coach and Akashic Record reader (psychic).  She has performed over 35,000 readings with the emphasis on providing insight regarding personal growth, life purpose, strengthening relationships, and moving through obstacles.  She has been presented with “Best Psychic in Saint Louis Award for the last six years.

Jean’s mission is to lead people to the Light – to encourage, guide and assist others to live freely and express from their Highest Selves.

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