Walking in Your Assignment

Finding Your Purpose & Destiny

What is my purpose and destiny? Why does it seem that something is missing in my life? How can I satisfy the deep yearning, the restlessness inside me? Men and women have been asking themselves these questions for centuries. Some find the answers and live lives full of excitement and abundance of joy-some don't and their lives are full of bitterness and despair. Unless you are walking in your God-given assignment, you will continue to question yourself. When you discover your assignment, your life will change forever. You will enjoy every morning-waking up to all that God designed especially for you! Walking in Your Assignment will launch you into an everyday life you never thought possible. Filled with Holy Spirit-inspired truth, you can begin walking today-hand in hand with the God who loves you dearly and wants to use you to change the world

Bishop John Francis

Operating in his gift as an apostle with a prophetic voice, Bishop Francis is the founder and senior pastor of Ruach City Church and international director of the Rauch Network of Churches with more than 8,000+ people in regular attendance. Bishop Francis’ ministry is global with more than 126 million viewers in the USA watching his broadcast, Order My Steps. Ruach City Church launched Ruach Radio via Internet, and he founded two Christian television stations. He is the recipient of numerous national awards for his gospel musical talents and has authored several books and CDs. Bishop Francis’s wife, Penny, is the co-pastor of Ruach City Church, and they have three lovely daughters

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