Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism

How to combat modern radical Islam
Islamist extremism is a vital issue facing governments today. Islamist groups are becoming more violent, with increasingly radicalized recruits. This compelling critique by leading scholars shows the worldview, methodologies and motivations of violent Islamist groups. They present how Islamist ideology may be confronted and effectively challenged.

Patrick Sookhdeo Patrick Sookhdeo has a Ph.D. from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University on issues relating to Islam and society. He is the Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity and also serves as a senior advisor and consultant on security and military issues. He is currently Adjunct Professor at George C. Marshall European Center and Senior Visiting Fellow at the Defence Academy of the UK, as well as lecturing at other institutions. He is author of 30 books.

Anna Bekele Anna Bekele is a freelance researcher and her main fields of interest are political Islamic movements and networks. She received her Ph.D. at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

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