The Freedom Trail

An Artist's View

The Boston Freedom Trail is America’s premier Heritage Trail. Its sixteen sites of national historical interest are lovingly illustrated in delicate watercolors and accompanied by historical description by the staff of the Freedom Trail Foundation.

A townscape portrait of all the sites on the trail unfolds from the center of the book to present the reader with a complete and unforgettable panorama of Boston.

Further sketches of telling details of clothing, accoutrement, gravestones, furniture, instruments and signs, complete this unique portrait of the American Revolution as it is commemorated in the timbers of the USS Constitution, the bricks of Old Boston and the treasures of her heritage.

Len Weber Leonard Weber was born in the summer of 1918. He won the Wanamaker Bronze Medal at the age of 14. His unique watercolor style and signature panoramic townscapes are renowned. He has painted approximately 50 cities, towns, villages, restorations and historic sites. He was made an honorary citizen of the State of Maryland.

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