The Forgotten Baptism

Your Leadership Path To Fulfilling Your Vision

Water Baptism, Spirit-Baptism or Something More?

Did you know there is another, more ancient baptism that God has for you?  It’s a baptism of vision and provision, of alignment and allegiance, it’s a baptism of blessing.

This forgotten baptism is referred to as the Baptism of Moses.  The Baptism of Moses was not just a foreshadowing of the Baptism that Christ commanded.  The Baptism of Moses is clearly taught both in the Old and New Testaments. It is a baptism into God’s provision and abundance.  Today, this life-changing baptism is forgotten in the Church. Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer and Dr. James O. Davis believe it is the “missing link” between coming out from the plagued past to possessing all of the promises Christ has for His servants. 

In The Forgotten Baptism, you will come to understand a deeper measure of God’s call on your life and how to mobilize your fellow-servants into a greater, God-vision than you have ever imagined. This forgotten baptism is a baptism into servanthood and leadership - a servanthood that leads to greater vision, alignment and intimacy with God. 

It’s time to come out of your wanderings in the wilderness, to possessing your possessions! It is time to embark on your greatest God-given journey yet and to embrace this powerful, ancient baptism that will motivate you going forward and to mobilize all those whom Christ has placed around you!

From the beginning of time, visionary leaders have made their definable mark on mankind. There are those who have moved the masses, while others have mobilized the marketplace. Whether these leaders have served in the secular spheres of society or in the sacred arenas of the church, there are undeniable truths that bring them through the tough times and ultimately to fulfillment of their dreams. Only the visionary leader truly knows the pain, the price, and the pleasure of dreams becoming destinies.

An Ancient Truth Revealed to a Modern Generation!

 This message is not about ceremony.  It’s not about ritual.  It’s about unwrapping the gifts, the blessings your heavenly Father has stored up for you! 

Kenneth Ulmer

Dr. Ulmer has authored many books and is the Senior Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church.  In addition, he serves as Bishop of Christian Education of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, where he served as a founding member on the Bishops Council. 

Dr. Ulmer is currently the Presiding Bishop over Macedonia International Bible Fellowship based in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is an association of pastors representing ministries in Africa and the U.S. He is former President of The King’s University in Los Angeles where he also serves as a founding board member, adjunct professor and Dean of The King’s At Oxford; an annual summer session held at Oxford University.

Dr. Ulmer received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcasting & Music from the University of Illinois; studied at Pepperdine University, Hebrew Union College, the University of Judaism and Christ Church and Wadham College at Oxford University in England, awarded a PhD. from Grace Graduate School of Theology in Long Beach, California, awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from Southern California School of Ministry and received his Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary.

He and his wife reside in Los Angeles, California have been married more than 38 years and have two daughters, one son and five grandchildren.   

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Kenneth Ulmer and the Faithful Central Bible Church, or order additional products, books and CD / DVD by Dr. Kenneth Ulmer, you can go to to order online or for more information

James O. Davis

 Dr. James O. Davis is founder of Cutting Edge International and the Cofounder of Billion Soul Network.  The Billion Soul Network is a growing coalition of more than 2,400 Christian ministries and denominations synergizing their efforts together to build the premier community of pastors worldwide to help plant five million new churches for a billion soul harvest.  The Billion Soul Network, consisting of 500,000 churches, is the largest pastor network worldwide.

Many Christian leaders recognize Dr. Davis as one of the leading networkers in the Christian world.  Dr. Davis has authored 15 books, hundreds of sermons, scores of articles and four major entire ministry collections of Dr. Elmer Towns, Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. Edwin Cole and Dr. Stephen Olford. 

His leadership includes the biennial Synergize Pastors Conference, Billion Soul Summits in every world region, and Preaching Roundtables. More than 60,000 pastors have attended these events. In the last 30 years, Dr. Davis has ministered face-to-face to more than 9,000,000 people in more than 122 nations. 

Dr. Davis learned early in life that if one is to be valuable, then he or she must add value to other people. Cutting Edge International was formed to bring focus on the Commission, the Church and the Christian

Dr. Davis earned his Doctorate in Ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He was awarded his Bachelor’s degree in Bible by Central Bible College and earned two master’s degrees at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

Dr. Davis resides in Orlando, with his wife Sheri and daughters, Olivia and Priscilla. They also have two children, Jennifer and James, who reside in heaven.

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