Cluster Headaches, Treatment and Relief

Treatment and Relief for Cluster, Cluster Migraine, and Recurring Eye-Stab Pain

Cluster headaches (also called cluster migraines or Horton's syndrome) are similar to migraines but are much more severe. Common medications are ineffective at providing relief, and the pain is so excruciating that many victims have committed suicide. Unlike other headaches, one cannot simply "take a couple of aspirin" and continue with everyday events.

Cluster headaches affect one out of every 400 adults, yet many victims suffer alone. Their symptoms were either misdiagnosed, or they are unaware of current treatment modalities. But help is now available for the thousands of men and women who are afflicted with this debilitating ailment.

This concise manual on cluster headaches is furnished to encourage and support cluster headache victims, their families, and the doctors who are trying to help them.

Michael Goldstein of Caldwell, NJ

Michael Goldstein grew up in a small town in New Jersey. In 2013, he graduated from Clark University taking three things with him: a bachelor's Degree in English, a specialization in Creative Writing, and a passion for putting his ideas on paper. The author has been infatuated with Japanese folklore for years, and his novel, Omagatoki and the Yokai Character Collection best demonstrate his interest and knowledge with their wide gallery of monsters stemming from the past.

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