Tod Browning's Dracula

Few movies in film history have resonated with audiences as deeply and for as many years as Universal’s original 1931 version of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi as the vampire count.  Filmmaker and film historian Gary D. Rhodes brings years of research to fruition, providing conclusive answers to everything you ever wanted to know this iconic film. Overflowing with newly unearthed information and fresh analysis, and fully illustrated, Tod Browning’s Dracula is one of the most in-depth books ever published on a single film.

Tod Browning’s Dracula by Gary D. Rhodes is the first in a collectible series of books on the world’s most iconic, classic horror films.

Gary D. Rhodes

Gary D. Rhodes has served as director of a film studies department, and he has created and successfully taught a large number of different courses at the BA and MA levels.  He is the author of five monographs, and is the editor of five scholarly editions.

Rhodes is also a filmmaker who has written and directed a number of commercially distributed documentaries.  He has also operated several independent production companies.

Rhodes has written several acclaimed books on film history, including the definitive biography of Bela Lugosi.

Marketing & Publicity
  • 1. The only in-depth study in print of one of America's most iconic films.
  • 2. Written by acknowledged authority on the subject and Bela Lugosi's biographer.
  • 3. The Universal Horror films have millions of dedicated fans, and memorabilia and books relating to these sell at conventions throughoput the year.