The Remains of Glory

The Remains of Glory, the sequel to Urdahl's Three Paths to Glory, follows two Minnesota Union soldiers and a Confederate officer from Tennessee through the bloody and harrowing final two years of the American Civil War in the western theater. Tod Carter, Clint Cilley, and Jimmy Dunn experience the horror, triumphs, and losses of this epic moment in our nation's history.  The action centers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Louisiana, leading to a desperate climax in Nashville. While this story is historical fiction, it was extensively researched to make the battles and individual stories of the soldiers come alive.

Dean Urdahl of Grove City, MN

Marketing & Publicity
  • ARC and review copies to be sent to selected regional and national outlets
  • Author to do several readings and events through out the region
  • Print, broadcast, and digital media outlets to be solicited for author interviews