All Fire All Water

In All Fire All Water, Judith Roche, American Book Award winner, brings together her life experience with her love and understanding of nature. M.L. Liebler, editor of Working Words, says about this collection: “There are nature poems here that would grab John Muir’s, Rachel Carson’s and Edward Abbey’s attention and imagination.” There are also insightful poems concerned with the human condition, thought-provoking and bitter-sweet. All Fire All Water expresses sorrow for all that we humans have lost, all that we have failed to cherish, both in the natural world and in our more domestic relationships. But in the midst of pain, Judith Roche finds irony and humor, and the book as a whole is a celebration of the cycles of renewal and rebirth.

Judith Roche

All Fire All Water is Judith Roche’s fourth poetry collection. Her third, Wisdom of the Body, won an American Book Award. She has published widely in various journals and magazines, and has poems installed on several public art projects in the Seattle area. She edited First Fish, First People: Salmon Tales of the North Pacific Rim, which also won an American Book Award. She has conducted workshops around the United States and has taught at several universities. She currently teaches at Richard Hugo House Literary Center. She is a Fellow in the Black Earth Institute, a progressive think tank exploring the links between nature, spirit, and social justice.

Marketing & Publicity
  • 50 galleys will be sent out to reviewers and select bookstores
  • Author will do readings in Washington State and Detroit, Michigan