Authentic Mexican Tacos The Playa Takeria Way

Enjoy tacos the authentic way; full of the freshest ingredients and bursting with the taste of South America.

Recipes sourced from the heart of Mexico show you how to create the fillings, sauces, and tortillas which make store-bought tacos look dull and tasteless by comparison.

There are mouthwatering recipes for delicious beef, chicken, seafood and vegetarian tacos.

With vibrant pictures and quick and easy recipes, TACOS will inspire you to create amazing tacos dishes the authentic Mexican way.

Ricardo Amare del Castillo

Ricardo Amare del Castillo was a passionate Mexican boy who left home in his 20s and went on to become a restauranteur and a representative of modern Mexico half way around the world.

Coming from one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, Ricardo has followed his passion to establish restaurants that recreate authentic Mexican experiences.

He has helped develop various Mexican restaurants but still wants to fulfill his dream of opening taquerias and restaurants across various countries, to make the Taco famous around the world.

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