Comfortably Unaware

What We Choose to Eat Is Killing Us and Our Planet

In Comfortably Unaware, Dr. Richard Oppenlander tackles the crucial issue of “global depletion” as it relates to food choice. We should all be aware of our diet’s consequences on the environment and commit to seeking food products that are in the best interest of all living things. His stark mental images are often disturbing—and that’s how it should be. We need to be shaken out of our complacency and understand how to ensure the well-being of our planet—and of ourselves.

Oppenlander presents this information in easy-to-read chapters on issues including rainforests, oceans, and the air we breathe. His fresh insight on this controversial topic goes beyond the familiar warnings about “global warming.” His book is essential reading; he provides new perspectives on how this global crisis reached such startling proportions, and how to solve the problem.

Comfortably Unaware will open your eyes to the global effects of your food choices and, hopefully, will encourage you to make a difference.

Richard Oppenlander Dr. Oppenlander has devoted his life to improving the health of our planet. Since 1976, he has extensively studied the effect our food choices have on our health and their immense impact on our environment. He is also president and founder of a sustainable organic food production business. He has been a featured guest appearing on radio shows, in newspapers, and in magazines, and speaks around the country about Global Depletion--the loss of our resources, food supply, and our own health.

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