David's 7 Secrets

What God Saw in David's Heart, What He is Looking for in Yours

David, one of the most intriguing characters in the Bible, started out as a humble shepherd and, after decades of exploits and adventures, became one of the richest and most powerful kings ever known. He killed Goliath the giant, suffered more than one fall from grace, spent years in hiding from Saul, and became one of God’s most faithful followers. He was flawed, like us, but he was a man after God’s own heart. In this unique, creative, and compelling book, Cameron Floria examines how we can learn valuable life lessons from David’s mistakes and successes. The author extracts seven secrets of the Christian life based on David’s life and shows us how to follow them in our own lives to experience a closer walk with God. From doing what God tells us to do to having a heart of worship, the author describes each secret thoroughly, using relevant scriptures for context. A detailed facilitator’s guide is included for leading a Bible study based on the seven secrets and related Bible verses.

Cameron Floria

Cam Floria is best known as the Founder and CEO of The Continental Singers for over 45 years.  He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award as Founder and President of the very well-known Christian Artists’ Seminar in the Rockies, held each summer in Estes Park, Colorado for 25 years.  Mr. Floria has produced over 60 CD’s and written nine musicals.  He received the coveted DOVE AWARD for Best Musical of the Year in 1983 for “Dreamer”, the story of Joseph.

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